What would count as evidence that we live inside the Matrix?

I have talked about Professor Nick Bostrom’s simulation argument before.

He uses a probabilistic argument by extrapolating today’s simulation technology infinitely into the future to suggest that the idea that we live inside a Matrix kind of computer simulation is not that farfetched.

But when it comes to the matter of collecting physical evidence, or detecting “glitches in the Matrix” Nick Bostrom seems to be reluctant to assert that anything like that could be possible.

I, on the other hand, had a sort of “hallelujah moment” the other day when I realized that the simulation scenario constitutes a serious alternative explanation of the famous double slit experiment of Quantum Physics. The simulation scenario fits in perfectly with the mainstream Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Physics where the very act of observing seems to collapse the wave function. Reality is observer dependent. Isn’t that what lies at the very core of both the simulation argument and the Copenhagen interpretation?

But even though the Copenhagen Interpretation is the most widely accepted, there are other rival theories. The Many Worlds Interpretation manages to get rid of the observer – of the subjective dimension – but instead introduces the idea that the universe is split up into an infinite amount of new parallel universes at every moment.

When you study the different interpretations of Quantum Physics you come to realize that the simulation scenario isn’t that bizarre after all.