Embed Flash in WordPress.com Blog

Testing a method of embedding flash in a WordPress.com blog – John Conway’s Game of Life.

It seems to work. Yes! =)

This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.

(I have nothing to do with the programming of this flash implementation. All cred to Keno Maerz.)

PS: Conway’s Game of Life must really be one of the best examples possible of what an algorithm is – pedagogically speaking. It’s truly fascinating how such a small set of rules can generate such amazing complexity.

Every square is surrounded by eight neighbouring squares. The two simple rules are:

1) BIRTH : An empty square will give birth to a new ”cell” if it’s surrounded by exactly three cells.
2) DEATH: A cell will die from undernourishment if it’s sourrounded by less than two cells OR it will die from suffocation if it’s sourrounded by more than three cells.



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