Moopsiewuggy, Schmoopiesnuggy, Doodlewuddlyfoof and random name generation

Have you ever sat down to play some rpg-fashion computer game but lost yourself totally for half an hour trying to come up with a good sounding fantasy name?

Fortunately there is help available to remedy this condition. The help is called random name generators and you can find several good ones around the web.

All the names in the table above were generated randomly by the “Fantasy Name Generator” by Samuel Stoddard at this home page.

The three names in the header: Moopsiewuggy, Schmoopiesnuggy, Doodlewuddlyfoof were also generated randomly. They belong to the category “Fun Names/Mushy Names” but if your looking for more serious names you can chose several sub catogories like Short, Medium and Long Names, Consonant Heavy Names, Vowel Heavy Names. In the funny category you can find Insults (!) and Idiot Names and Very Long Names.

The very long name option seems to me like a good way of generating random passwords.

Its fun and a good programming exercise to construct your own random name generator. It will definitely increase your understanding of the underlying mechanisms.



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