Antiquing text

Antiquify Deva Nagari Font

I did some experimenting with different antiquing techniques or ”patination treatments” for text. I’m using Gimp  – the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

The whole idea is to be able to create pages with your own text that looks really old and weathered.

I’m writing the sanskrit verses with the Chandas devanagari southern style opentype font.

The text I wrote above is the first half of Sri Radha Pranama. (After I was done I realized that I would have liked the word ”rādhā” to be in the singular vocative case making it ”rādhe”.)

Here below are some more fruits of my efforts:

Krisna Pranama, Radha Pranama

Sri Krsna Pranama and Sri Radha Pranama

Sri Krisna Pranama, Sri Radha Pranama

Sri Krsna Pranama and Sri Radha Pranama

A good online tool for writing devanagari script is Lexilogos Multilingual Keyboard.

In another post I talked  about working with different techniques for adding scratches to photos.

PS: Different techniques for creating an impression of old age is extremely popular (and lucrative) when it comes to furniture and rugs. Certain antiquing methods applied to furniture is sometimes called distressing.

If you want to produce documents that look like typewritten pages from the first half of the 20th century I recommend downloading one of the many ”old typewriter” fonts available.

I downloaded and installed one called 1942 report from this site and created the page below:

1942 Report

This typewritten page was very easy to create since no image editing was needed whatsoever. I just downloaded an image of an old paper and used the Text Tool to write on it.


Dear God

Found this XTC music video from 1986 by a coincidence. I’ve never heard the song before. Great lyrics and Andy Partridge’s voice is very special.


Baroque pop: (from wikipedia)

…stylistically, fuses elements of pop and rock with classical music, often incorporating instruments not common to popular music such as harpsichords, clavichords, violins, cellos and other strings, oboes and French horns. It is also generally characterised by highly orchestral, lush instrumentation. Common elements of baroque pop also include layered melodies, sophisticated productions and prominent harmonies. Traditionally, baroque pop is also generally quite melancholic and dramatic music, which contrasts it from its more cheerful counterpart, sunshine pop.