Misa Criolla 1967

This is the classic televised concert from march 1967 recorded in the church of Saint Paulinus in Trier, Germany.

The set up, here, is very close to the original Phillips studio recording from 1965. The composer, Ariel Ramirez, is playing the Harpsichord himself. The vocal quartet, Los Fronterizos, is almost the same. The baritone you see in the video, Yayo Quesada, replaced Cesár Isella right after the studio recording was made two years earlier.

Misa Criolla 1967.Fronterizos

Misa Criolla 1967 - Ariel RamirezAriel Ramirez at the harpischord.

Some research

If you google around you’ll find several places where it says that this televised concert were recorded in the Cathedral of Trier. But if you look at the church interior in the video and compare with photos taken in the Trier Cathedral it seems false.

When I searched around however I found another church in Trier that seems to be the right one – the baroque mid 18th century Church of Saint Paulinus. Compare  two still shots from the video with a modern picture of the interior of the Paulinus’ Church. They are taken from different angles but I think it’s pretty clear.






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