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evil.bible.774px I sometimes encounter the idea that engaging in philosophy is an activity of the past or that the subject of philosophy is mainly about studying what ancient bearded greek men draped in white linen said to one another. As a philosophy teacher I find it interesting to challenge that idea.

One of the best ways to show that philosophy plays a practical role today is to point to the fact that philosophical discussions are going on in forums all over the internet. People engage their heart and soul right now in discussions about ethics, political philosophy, theory of knowledge, philosophy of science, philosophy of language. One of my favorite examples of philosophical discussions where people tend to be über-passionate is discussions concerning belief in God versus atheism and materialism. Evilbible.com is a website that used to have a forum bustling with animated discussions that made a big impression on me. That forum is now closed an unavailable but I’d like to publish some excerpts to show what the discussions could look like…

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