Reducing image display size by changing width and height parameters in the HTML code

As most people know that is almost always a really stupid way of reducing the display size of an image. The recommended way is of course downscaling the image using an image editor program, thus creating a completely new file containing less data.

But can there ever be a point in reducing image display size using the HTML width- and height-parameters?

The answer is yes.

The main use for downscaling images by html-parameters would be on a web page where users are expected to zoom in. The nice thing with images downscaled like this, is that they wont become blurry when the users zoom in (like normal images will). In most web browsers you can zoom in pressing the keys Ctrl+Plus.

WordPress doesn’t allow me to display images downscaled like that but you check out such an image I published in another blog.

You see the point?